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Located in the Pyrenees, right in the center of the Peyragudes ski resort, the Peyresourde - Balestas altiport is one of the five French mountain airports equipped with a hard runway.

Renamed Altiport 007 in 2017, this is where the spectacular first scenes of "Tomorrow Never Dies", 18th in the James Bond series, released in 1997, were shot.

PEYRESOURDE - BALESTAS for Microsoft Flight Simulator  12,95 €

Completely reprogrammed for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

All the textures have been reworked according to the specifications of this simulator.

Ground textures in high resolution full retouched by hand.

Declivity of the ground respected, including the unevennesses of the runways.

Terrain textures processed in multiresolutions, drastically reducing file size without compromising visual quality..

Download size: 449 Mb  - Installation size : 927 Mb.

Main characteristics :

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A particular challenge for mountain pilots with a perfectly respected runway profile,

with its slope of 15%, and only 470 meters long.

More informations for Peyresourde - Balestas (007) mountain airport :

Peyragudes Air Club : http://www.peyragudes-air-club.fr/

Carte VAC : lf-sup-2017-154-fr-pour-appro.pdf

Service de l'information aéronautique : https://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/

for Microsoft Flight Simulator

for Microsoft Flight Simulator



Altiport 007

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