Altiport de COURCHEVEL    for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Altiport de COURCHEVEL    for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Courchevel International Altiport is famous for being one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

Located at an altitude of 2,006 meters, the altiport has an asphalt runway 40 meters wide and only 537 meters long with a gradient of 18.66%.

Because of its dangerousness, only pilots with the "mountain wheel" qualification can take off and land there.

The runway is permanently cleared of snow, allowing planes to fly without skis, but snow piles can limit the runway edges.

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Main characteristics :

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To work properly, the simulator's default scene must be uninstalled.

This is done very easily via the "PROFILE" - "CONTENT MANAGER" menu.

To faithfully reproduce the relief around the altiport, the mesh has been redrawn with an accuracy of 5 meters.

High resolution ground textures entirely retouched by hand.

The tunnel passing under the runway is actually modeled.

Extremely detailed 3D modeling using high resolution textures.

A realistic snow cover appears automatically from November to April.

Fully operational heliport.

The clock on the hangar is functional and synchronized with the simulator.

Windsocks and flags are customized and animated.

Several ski lifts are represented.

The Saulire cable car (the summit of Courchevel) and the Vizelle gondola are animated.

Downloaded file size : 338 MB.

Space required: 1.31 GB.

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The mountain airportt also includes a major heliport in the dedicated area below.

Following very significant earthworks were carried out on the east side, radically changing the morphology of the land.

The heliport now has around twenty helicopter spots as well as a new FATO (final approach and take-off area) made up of a grass runway measuring 140 x 20 meters.

Not cleared of snow, it is identified by red and white spots in winter, by white markings in summer.

This video was made with Courchevel for MSFS v1.0

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