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Entirely written for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Extremely detailed 3D modeling using high resolution textures created according to the specificities of the simulator.

Relief of the ground respected, including that of the runways.

Fully hand-retouched high-resolution ground textures.

 Terrain textures processed in multiresolutions, drastically reducing file size without compromising visual quality.

Download size: 860 MB  - Installation size : 1.24 GB.

Main characteristics :

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Aéroport de Colmar :


Service de l'information aéronautique :

Colmar - Houssen Airport (LFGA) is located in the town of Colmar, south of the village of Houssen, in the center of Alsace, France.

Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty was born in Colmar in 1834, and in his honor, for the centenary of his death, a replica of the famous statue was erected at the northern entrance of the city in 2004.

The airport is equipped with a hard runway (1610 m) and a grass runway (950 m) both oriented 01/19.

Colmar - Houssen airport is a controlled airport open to national and international, commercial and private, IFR and VFR traffic.

Schooling, tourism and soaring find a privileged platform on the edge of the Vosges mountains and near many Alsace castles, the most famous of which, the Haut-Kœnigsbourg castle.

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